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8-in-1 hand-held electronic altimeter, barometer, compass


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1.8 in 1 function: digital altimeter, digital barometer, digital compass, weather forecast, time, calendar, thermometer and backlight.
2. The device is based on the technology of electronic orientation sensor and air pressure input sensor
The third digital altimeter is designed for outdoor use, and the detachable string allows the digital compass to be backlit with a variety of outdoor activations to get the perfect handheld device whenever the button is pressed.

Altimeter: -700~9000m / -2300~29500ft
Historical record: 256 records
Compass: display bearing in degrees and base points
In °C / °F format: thermometer
Clock: in 12 hours or 24 hours format
Size: 90x50x20mm

Material: ABS,

Package Contents:
1×8 in 1 digital altimeter


Additional Information

Weight 200.00 lbs
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 40 in



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