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Solar hand-cranked flashlight


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Dimensions: length 124 x width 45 x height 32 (mm)
Material: Three white-haired white diodes with 5 round heads, with a brightness of 1000mcd
Service life: 100,000 hours
Battery: In-line Ni-MH battery 3.6V- 40mAh battery at full load (40mAh), can be used for three light-emitting F pole tubes for 120 minutes
Motor: DC motor (300C-11400), 20.4W
Solar panel: 37″ 22 non-product silicon with load voltage: 21V, load current: 22ma
1. The product has a compact structure and is a portable lighting tool. It is widely used in many occasions and is also suitable for carabiner use.
2. Hand crank for one minute (2 revolutions/second), which can light up three LEDs for more than 8 minutes
3. The solar panel absorbs light energy to charge (when the light intensity of the sun reaches 12000LuX, it can support three LEDs in about 30 minutes
The battery can be fully charged by lighting for about 10 minutes under such conditions for 40 hours of exposure)

4. According to ergonomic design, it is compact and comfortable and easy to carry.

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Weight 106.0 lbs
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 50 in

Army green


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